Can I use my account on more than one device?

Only one device per account can be used

If I buy a subscription for MAG, can I use it for other devices?

No, you can only use it on a device.

> How long is the test? Why is not it free?

The test is 24 hours long. We have introduced a € 1 fee to eliminate abuses. We can deactivate the tests on certain dates.

How many tests can I request?

You can only request 1 test per IP, if you request more it will be blocked. Make sure you do not buy more than 1 test!

I bought an account, however, it is not working. ¿What should I do?

"> If the link or playlist does not work, always check it on PC, using VLC. If it works, it means there is something wrong with your device or configuration. Just contact our support, if the account does not work on your PC. When you contact, you must provide your IP address.

When should I renew?

Always renew 2-3 days before the subscription is finalized, to avoid problems!

Are you going to ensure all channels are up and running?

Although the best attempt is made to maintain the best possible service, some may not be available due to technical or maintenance problems. We reserve the right to expand or reduce the number of channels.

Where are the servers based?

We have servers in the EU.

> Can I use this service anywhere in the world?

This service is available worldwide, except China.

Can I request a refund?

No refunds apply. Take a test or subscription for 1 week to see if you like the service.

Can adult channels be blocked?

Yes, they can be blocked. Request it at the time of purchase.

Are there HD channels?

Yes, most are available in HD.

What iptv programs are compatible with?

Kodi, Vlc, Forkplayer, Ottplayer, Smartiptv, Ssiptv, Webtv, Plex, Iptv E-MAG, Iptv Xtream Code. Remember that it is possible that your iptv program is not in the previous list but is compatible.

What is the format of the broadcasts?

It is multiformat, HLS (.m3u8), MPEGTS (.ts) and RTMP, it is practically compatible with everything.

Are purchases automatic?

No, the activation may take a few hours.

Possible errors and solutions:

- Restart the device and the router. (20% of problems)

- Type of connection - Preferably we recommend connecting by cable and avoid wireless connection. Some wireless receivers are not stable enough and cause speed problems. (20% of problems)

- Perform a speed test on the device you are using - - At least 20 Mbits download speed recommended

> - Ip Address - If you can not see any channel, your IP may be blocked by the server. To know the IP address, you can know it through the following link- (5% of the problems)

- Name of the device and model - There are different configurations, codecs, pluggins and necessary updates for each device. (30% of problems)

- Router model - Check settings such as DNS and firewall (5% of problems)

- ISP - It is possible to get blocked by the ISP, usually Google DNS avoids this problem.

- If you use a computer, make sure the firewall is not blocking the connection.

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